Surface Tech – the global leader in asphalt and concrete additive solutions.

Surface Tech LLC was founded in 2013. It was a start up largely concentrating on the asphalt industry by way of its flagship product, ACE Fibers. This product’s patented design was a more efficient answer to the way in which Aramid fiber was introduced into the HMA. Since, the product has been refined to even further levels for improved delivery. High demand for this product is evidence of its rapid adoption.

The Company was reshaped in 2015; bringing a more disciplined and experienced team to the forefront. It developed a new patent pending asphalt additive, AQU Fibers (for WMA); and added concrete to its industry service with an innovative line of new technology additives.

Innovation drives us.


Surface Tech is committed to developing the most advanced additives for concrete and asphalt, not only adding strength and durability, but improving the sustainability of these materials. We are building the future.


Surface Tech’s branded concrete products and revolutionary online software bring new levels of profitability and sustainability to the concrete industry.


ACE FIBER is a true achievement in additive technology to enhance asphalt performance.


AQU Fiber is pure aramid. By binding the aramid with water, the aramid is weighted down and controlled for proper delivery into the asphalt mix. This unique delivery process results in the highest performing blend of Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete (FRAC) in the market.

Leading the Way

Nick Slinde


Steve Santa Cruz


Gilbert Bustamante

President LATAM

Jason Martin


Bryan Goerger

VP/GM Concrete Division



BreakThrough technologies, LLC (BTt) is the Master Distributor for Surface Tech.  BTt is a company formed specifically to showcase Surface Tech’s line of Asphalt Reinforced Aramid Fiber products (ACE Fibers™ and AQU Fibers™) and services throughout the United States and Canada. BTt partners with regional and local sub-distribution channels to complement the already strong BTt promotional support of Surface Tech’s product line and together deliver full service attention to product sales, training, technical support and delivery.  Having a truly dedicated resource for your individual or jurisdictional needs are more than covered with this team of experts ready to serve your needs.

In conjunction with Surface Tech’s products, BTt also combines full engineering services to support design assistance for owners and specifiers looking for application assistance. In addition, BTt oversees a P.E. certified quality assurance /quality control (QA/QC) program to deliver a turn-key product and mixing service package for proper and seamless Aramid Fiber deployment during production at the plant.  This also ensures a proper and thorough distribution of product into the hot or warm mix asphalt.  The QA/QC mixing technician service will be supplied with every ACE Fibers™ or AQU Fibers™ project to oversee the delivery and proper mixing of the Aramid Fiber into the hot or warm mix asphalt. Deployment options include state of the art machine metered equipment for large projects, as well as other deployment methods that suit any project size including manual mixing for the smallest of projects. By adding the mixing services as part of the product sale, BTt eliminates uncertainty of the Asphalt Producers in using the product and provides piece of mind to the owners and or specifiers that they are getting what they have paid for.

If you have a specific need in your city or state, please call or email today.  A BreakThrough technologies, LLC representative will guide you and lend proper attention for any size project.


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