Innovative Solutions for the Concrete Industry

Surface Tech, the leading technology provider in the concrete and asphalt industries, is introducing a revolutionary software and application platform that supports concrete suppliers and contractors across the entire project cycle. The new Surface Tech concrete application, the only platform of its kind in the heavy materials industry, is designed to provide practical solutions that address the fundamental challenges experienced by concrete contractors and Ready Mix Concrete suppliers today.


Three essential pillars support Surface Tech’s platform:


Practical e-business solution which eliminates many of the common jobsite and administrative challenges faced in the concrete industry today.


The first e-content module for the concrete industry, for use with tools such as BIM; simplifying the bidding process for concrete contractors & estimators, while providing engineers, designers and owners the opportunity to benefit from concretes with unique performance characteristics.


A Mobile App that is an active compliance management system which improves jobsite & transportation safety, and reduces the risk of construction defect claims.

Surface Tech’s platform is the only software, specifically designed for the concrete industry, and built by experienced concrete contractors, commercial and residential builders, and ready mix suppliers which unites the best practices in supplying and building with concrete. This deep understanding of the concrete industry gives TRKR, ASMBL and CMPLYNC the ability to intelligently link the functionality of the pillars, providing the concrete industry the ability to leverage technology across the entire project cycle.

Built for Contractors

Our  state-of-the-art TRKR software enables contractors to access RMX companies nationwide for their local, regional or national footprint needs. This allows for ease of product selection and dispatch scheduling through a shopping cart experience. TRKR, coupled with a new mobile app for the dispatch/trucking industry delivers solutions to every facet of concrete construction. Very smart technology!

RMX Companies

Up until the Surface Tech platform, the concrete elements for a tool like BIM have been very basic. ASMBL allows users access to a database of concrete products, letting them understand a concrete’s performance characteristics, how to manipulate the product and how it will influence design. Users can also more accurately estimate cost of materials and labor. This centralized database easily integrates RMX suppliers with contractors.

Logistics Partners

All areas of logistics are addressed in the mobile application, CMPLYNC, built to address and streamline compliance and safety issues. The app improves job site and transportation safety and mitigates the risk of construction defect claims. CMPLYNC allows the capture of any notable issues from plant to site delivery and the actual pour. By having this important information documented, the supplier and contractor will have a more robust defense should a claim be made in the future.


Concrete pavements with a variety of surface finishes


Concrete which allows water to drain through pavement


High strength with fewer cracks


Temperature insensitive concrete - same performance irrespective of temperature


High strength concrete with ability to reduce steel reinforcement


Concrete which is sprayed onto vertical surfaces


Concrete with accelerated setting time


Highly flowable concrete for flooring


High strength concrete with ability to create thin concrete elements