Video: Example of ACE Fiber Dosing and Application for Kitsap County, Washington

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Recently Kitsap County, Washington chose ACE Fibers for a 12000 TE asphalt pavement project.

“Continuous dosing results in a very thorough blending of the product,” said Joe Dennis, Managing Partner, BreakThrough Technologies. “Because of this, there are no visible fibers in the mix, no change in laydown operations, no bulging edges, and no fibers or asphalt stick to the drum.”

View the dosing operations and application for Kitsap County here:

About ACE Fibers:

ACE Fibers, a Surface Tech asphalt additive, uses aramid fibers to address the two major distresses affecting asphalt performance today; cracking and rutting. Doing so also dramatically improved the treated roads’ life expectancy.

When ACE Fiber is mixed into asphalt, it disperses over 19 million Aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide 3-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, fatigue and increased life expectancy.

And best of all, no specialty contractors are needed for installation. Contractors handle ACE Fiber reinforced asphalt the same way they handle standard asphalt. This underscores ACE’s technology in being easy to adopt.

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Getting the Most Mileage from Asphalt Fiber Additives

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Asphalt Fiber AdditivesIt is well-proven that adding asphalt fibers such as ACE Fiber or AQU Fiber™ make asphalt tougher and last longer.  However, the full benefits of these fibers are best realized if incorporated at the design stage.

By introducing fiber additives at the design stage, rather than at the spec stage, the end result is an increased speed of construction and significant reduction of asphalt thickness, in addition to the fiber’s benefits of anti-cracking, strength, and improvement of road quality.

“We have demonstrated through extensive testing in both lab and field, that adding our aramid fibers to asphalt projects, we enhance and strengthen asphalt pavement,” said Joe Dennis, Managing Partner, BreakThrough Technologies. “Coupling our fibers with less asphalt ratio for the entire pavement section creates dramatic cost savings; while still adding performance and life benefits.”

In addition to higher quality roads and cost savings, a project’s carbon footprint can also be greatly reduced as a result of incorporating ACE Fiber or AQU Fiber™  into the design stage.

“The reduction of asphalt thickness coupled with dramatic cost savings is impressive and this can be achieved when introducing fibers at the design stage,” said Dennis.

For more information on ACE or AQU Fibers, please visit


Surface Tech’s Cost-Effective Concrete Solutions Provide Increased Strength & Sustainability

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Surface Tech provides tangible solutions that address many common challenges involved with concrete construction today.  Our product portfolio includes solutions such as high-strength, pervious, temperature-insensitive, as well as other specially-designed applications.

Hercule Concrete - Dramatically Reduces Costs for ICF ConstructionResilio – Dramatically Reduces Costs for ICF Construction

Resilio is just as it sounds: strong and resilient. In addition to its brute strength, Resilio has the potential to replace a full 75% of rebar for traditional concrete wall construction.   Because of this, Resilio dramatically reduces material and labor costs.  Resilio is not only cost-effective and strong, but is resilient to high winds, intense climates and noise pollution.


Hygea - Durable and Cost Efficient Pervious ConcreteHygea – Durable and Cost Efficient Pervious Concrete

Hygea provides a sustainable, durable and eco-friendly alternative for traditional paving systems for projects such as parking lots, sidewalks, and streets. The Hygea system is the pioneer in uniting the pavement and underlying drainage layers, resulting in a first-of-its kind engineered solution. Hygea also reduces the need for purchasing additional land for stormwater management or for installing large retention ponds and other water-retention and filtering systems.


Decorra - Form Meets FunctionDecorra – Form Meets Function

Decorra is a collection of decorative concretes for indoor and outdoor use that combines freedom of design with low maintenance and durability. What sets Decorra apart from other concrete products, is the unique performance characteristics which help reduce cost, while also improving performance characteristics and consistency.  This range is designed to assist the architect, designer and builder to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful, in a variety of finishes and colors.

To learn more about Resilio, Hygea, and Decorra or to view our full portfolio of solutions, visit



The Right Mix Every Time: Effective Quality Assurance at the Producer Level

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Apshalt MixMany asphalt producers understand the benefit that additives such as ACE and AQU Fibers can provide to both their product and bottom line, but are intimidated by the prospect of accurately dosing a small amount of additive into tons of product.

Surface Tech heard this common concern among asphalt producers and developed an effective approach to quality assurance.  This QA program is championed at the plant level, does not require new equipment or changes in the mix design or any plant processes, and can provide project certification (PE stamp) for each mix.

“Asphalt producers have been searching for a dosing QA program that is easily adopted at the producer level and is managed by engineers and other technical experts,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech. “Through our QA program, producers can reap the proven benefits of additives without assuming unnecessary risk with regards to proper dosing.”

Surface Tech offers options for its QA program.  One option offers onsite assistance at the plant during the mix from technical and engineering staff who will coordinate directly with the plant manager to ensure a quality mix.  Another option is a one-day training to certify the producer’s staff on how to dose themselves with remote assistance.

Aspahlt Mix“When you are looking at mixing 4.2 ounces of fibers into a ton of product, it’s vital that an expert is on hand to ensure success,” said Joe Dennis, Managing Partner, BreakThrough Technologies. “With Surface Tech’s QA program, you can be assured that the technical aspects of dosing will be executed accurately and backed by engineers.”

Surface Tech is able to certify asphalt mixes for ACE and AQU Fibers across all 50 states and throughout all Canadian provinces.  For more information Surface Tech’s QA program, please visit






Building a Better (And Proven) Mousetrap

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Asphalt FreewayBigger. Better. Faster. Stronger.  These words commonly describe a newly upgraded version of a product with which we’ve grown comfortably familiar.  Sometimes, the ‘better’ version doesn’t truly back up its claims…other than offering something slightly different than the original did.  Sometimes the newer “improved” version is just plain difficult to learn and use.

Building Materials is no stranger to this phenomenon.  However, technology is rapidly improving for materials, even asphalt, and many are missing out on these incredible advances.  Why? Because of a reluctance to adopt new technology, which is usually rooted in uncertainty that the claims will truly meet expectations.  We can all relate.

Surface Tech understands these concerns, and has implemented an ongoing commitment to research/testing through several channels (lab, field, and academic), thus ensuring the benefits of Surface Tech’s portfolio of asphalt technologies and easing their adoption.

“The industry has found that new asphalt technologies are difficult to adopt because of a lack of intensity to the commitment and investment by the developers to ensure benefits can be easily realized,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech. “It’s Surface Tech’s marriage of lab-to-field engagement that helps provide peace of mind for those seeking new technology solutions that work.”

Surface Tech has selected and engaged with some of the country’s most accredited asphalt research laboratories; both private and academia.  Its results for the myriad of accepted tests are sound, as are the refined testing applications for a product line-up that doses in such low increments.  In addition, Surface Tech has engaged in state-of-the-art field testing for validation and predictability regimens as well as GIS/GPS site surveying analysis.

The results are outstanding.  To learn more about our product capabilities and proven test results, visit


ASMBL: Nothing Like Anything the Concrete Industry Has Seen Before

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concrete contractorGame-Changing.  Innovative.  Disruptive.  These are a few of the common reactions describing ASMBL.   ASMBL, a brand new concept for the concrete industry, bridges the gap between concrete contractors and engineers/designers by providing e-content to use for specifications for concrete mix designs offering unique performance characteristics and allow for the interface of contractor 3D software. BIM (Building Information Modeling) would be an example of where this e-content can reside and integrate.

Up until the Surface Tech platform, the concrete elements for a tool like BIM have been very basic. ASMBL allows users access to a database of concrete products, letting them understand a concrete’s performance characteristics, how to manipulate the product and how it will influence design. Users can also more accurately estimate cost of materials and labor.

“ASMBL is a win-win solution for both concrete contractors and the design community,” said Bryan Goerger, Vice President/GM of Surface Tech, Concrete Division.  “Through ASMBL, concrete contractors are able to provide specs on a variety of products and the customer can then easily implement the product choice through their own software.  It makes for a seamless transition that offers a customized approach.”

ASMBL offers many solutions including:

  • Concrete design families which bridge structural designs and construction documents
  • Concrete models which simplify and complement Takeoff, Layout and Asbuilting activities
  • Value-engineered design families which leverage the benefits of high performance concretes
  • Establishes a common platform for quantity take-offs, specifications and assumptions
  • Simplifies bidding and estimating process
  • Unmatched product and service offerings
  • Access to state-of-the-art e-content library of concrete product information, service offerings and best practices
  • Integrates with existing production & back-office software

Take a test drive of ASMBL today and see for yourself the innovative platform that is changing the concrete industry.  Contact us for a demo.




CASE STUDY: Louisville Adds ACE Fiber to Overlay to Extend the Life of a City Street

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ACE Fiber to Overlay to Extend the Life of a City StreetWhen the City of Louisville in Kentucky wanted to extend the life and delay the maintenance cycle of a resurfacing project on West Broadway downtown, they protected their investment by adding ACE Fibers to the mix.

Current and historic research and case studies show that ACE Fiber significantly enhances asphalt concrete performance. A 140% increase in crack resistance and 60% rut resistance have been demonstrated.

“By adding ACE Fibers to the 1.5-inch overlay, Louisville Metro can expect it to last longer and need maintenance less often. Like all of our clients, they want to save time and money that they devote to roads,” said Jeff McConahy, regional account manager for Site Supply, the ACE Fiber distributor in Kentucky and Ohio.

Adding ACE FiberMcConahy worked on the project with the paving contractor Flynn Brothers Contracting and CBC Engineering, whose technicians added the fibers to the asphalt.

Louisville Metro will continue to monitor the improved performance of the road. Producing and installing the ACE Fiber reinforced asphalt went very well with no issues or changes to typical procedures.

“Mixing at Flynn Brother’s plant and paving with the fibers on West Broadway was a great experience for everyone,” said McConahy.

E-Platform Shines Bright at CONEXPO – CON/AGG

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CONAGGConstruction industry leaders from across the globe gathered at CONEXPO – CON/AGG in Las Vegas earlier this month, and were intrigued by Surface Tech’s cutting-edge E-Platform technology.

More than 125k attendees visited the convention and many expressed their excitement about the capabilities and relevancy of the revolutionary E-platform intended for the concrete industry.

“The demand is clear. Our E-platform tool kit fills a big gap in the concrete software space. Our cutting-edge technology enables online e-order transactions/tracking, has mobile-field documentation/safety/compliance built in, and is scalable and easy to adopt,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech.

In meeting with experts in the construction industry at the event, representatives from Surface Tech gained insight on how the innovative E-platform can be applied in additional ways.  Surface Tech representatives also focused on integration and how the E-platform can enhance existing tools.

mobile app for concrete“Surface Tech has been looking for potential integration partners for the opportunity to create an even more robust and relevant tool for Ready Mix companies,” said Bryan Goerger, Vice President/GM of Surface Tech, Concrete Division.  “Our TRKR software is a game-changer and we know it will add great value where implemented.”

More information about Surface Tech’s innovative E-Platform technology can be found at

Attending CONEXPO – CON/AGG?

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Take an opportunity to Test Drive the Revolutionary New E-platform for the Concrete Industry

Concrete E-PlatformEvery three years, early March brings one of the largest gatherings in the construction industry to Las Vegas – the CONEXPO – CON/AGG Convention.  Surface Tech will be a part of this exciting event and attendees will have the opportunity to demo its revolutionary e-platform.

“The e-platform is more than your average order fulfillment software,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech.  “Our platform helps improve margins, improves customer relations and streamlines processes right from the very start of a project and is designed to fit the unique needs of the concrete industry.  This is in addition to the numerous other benefits the e-platform offers such as documentation and safety compliance, logistics improvements and overall increased transparency.”
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A Stronger, Smarter Asphalt for Attendees at CONEXPO – CON/AGG

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Asphalt ACE FiberCracking and rutting.  These are two top challenges facing asphalt in the market today and the more than 100k attendees at the upcoming CONEXPO – CON/AGG Convention in Las Vegas are more than familiar with these performance issues.

Surface Tech heard the unique needs of the asphalt market and developed an innovative additive technology, known as ACE Fiber, to increase asphalt performance by reducing cracking and rutting.  Testing of ACE Fiber shows a 140% increase in crack resistance and 60% increase in rut resistance.
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Surface Tech Makes an Impact at World of Concrete

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concrete e-platform unveiling

WOC attendees were invited to the Surface Tech Suite at the Wynn Encore for the unveiling of the groundbreaking e-platform.

The glitz of Las Vegas set the stage for Surface Tech’s unveiling of its groundbreaking e-platform at the Wynn Encore Las Vegas during the World of Concrete trade show event.

Attendees at 2017 World of Concrete were invited to see first-hand the rollout of the e-platform tooklkit.

“Many likened it to Uber or Amazon for the concrete industry,” said Bryan Goerger, Vice President/General Manager of the Concrete Division. “The excitement for this tool and how it will reinvent the concrete industry was contagious.  I lost count of how many times we heard the word, ‘wow!’.”
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ACE Fiber Distribution Team Sets Focus for 2017

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ACE Fiber annual National Distribution Partners MeetingRepresentatives from across North America recently gathered in Las Vegas to engage in the first annual National Distribution Partners Meeting. The session, hosted by Surface Tech and BreakThrough Technologies, provided insights on the current asphalt market, the unique values that ACE Fiber brings to the customer, 2016 testing results and plans for 2017, special dosing protocols, and Surface Tech’s goals for 2017 and beyond.

Guest speakers, industry specialists and members of the academic community joined the sessions to provide insight on the testing, current market and meeting customer’s needs.

“The informational format of the session was a success,” said Steve Santa Cruz, President, Surface Tech. “Sharing timely go-to market topics supplied the team with valuable sales tools for 2017.”
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ASMBL: Surface Tech Digital Platform’s Enhanced BIM Module Simplifies Design and Estimating Processes

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ASMBL concreteThe revolutionary new Surface Tech E-platform integrates innovative technology into the concrete industry, providing interconnectivity as well as practical solutions for concrete manufacturers and contractors. The program’s TRKR™ (e-commerce), CMPLYNC™ (mobile application) and ASMBL™ (e-content) modules enable optimization of projects. This article focuses on ASMBL.
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CMPLYNC: Surface Tech Mobile Application Actively Manages Concrete Project Compliance

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The just-released Surface Tech digital platform, which empowers concrete manufacturers and contractors with interconnectivity, incorporates three major modules: CMPLYNC™ (mobile app for compliance and safety), TRKR™ (e-commerce) and ASMBL™ (e-content). In this article, we’ll provide an overview of CMPLYNC, a solution that actively manages compliance and safety issues.

CMPLYNC is a mobile application built to address and streamline compliance and safety issues. The app improves job site and transportation safety and mitigates the risk of construction defect claims.
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TRKR: Surface Tech Digital Platform Interconnects and Simplifies Back-room Functions

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The groundbreaking new Surface Tech E-Platform for the concrete industry is truly one-of-a-kind. The program modules— TRKR™ (e-commerce) , CMPLYNC™ (mobile application for compliance and safety) and ASMBL™ (e-content)—interconnect to optimize projects for manufacturers and contractors. This article provides an overview of TRKR.

TRKR delivers a very practical digital solution for a variety of responsibilities including ordering, delivery, job site performance, billing/collection and more.  Contractor orders through the supplier are kept up to date in real time.
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Advanced Digital Tools Launch at WOC 2017

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Digital Tools for Concrete IndustrySurface Tech’s new tech-platform offers a revolutionary digital solution to enhance the concrete industry processes for concrete manufacturers and contractors.  The platform brings something new to a very old trade: e-connectivity.

“We’ve applied cutting-edge solutions to a very established industry to enhance cost efficiencies, improve results and simplify processes.  By using our tech-tools, we’re providing improvements inside the current supply channel,” said Bryan Goerger, Surface Tech’s Vice President/General Manager.
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Lab-to-Field Asphalt Testing

Stronger Asphalt Proven in Lab-to-Field Testing

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Lab-to-Field Testing Results Back Up Superior Effectiveness of Surface Tech Product Capabilities

Surface Tech acknowledges the importance of testing its products.  Certainty in new technologies is grounded in such results.

“Many factors compel adoption of new technology, but real confidence is gained through successful use.  However, such decisions are girded by the quality of and results learned from testing,” said Surface Tech President Steve Santa Cruz.

Industry testing has been primarily centered in lab environments.  But the emergence of field testing to underpin, and in some cases, embolden the lab result is very much a path that Surface Tech embraces.

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Surface Tech APWA Public Works Expo Exhibit Shines a Light on ACE Fiber

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PWX, APWA BoothA steady stream of visitors came by the Surface Tech exhibit at the recent APWA Public Works Expo (PWX) at the Minneapolis Convention Center, to learn more about our innovative ACE Fiber (Aramid) and other asphalt additive products. During the event, held August 28-31, we were pleased to discuss our patented processes, distribution network and in-house engineering capabilities, and explain why ACE Fiber makes asphalt notably stronger and more durable.
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ACE Fiber Asphalt Additive

CASE STUDY: BreakThrough Technologies Puts ACE Fiber to the Test

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Collin Browning of BreakThrough Techologies LLC (BTt), master distributor for Surface Tech, sees ACE Fiber success stories throughout North America, including the recent conclusion of a controlled test for a county in Ohio.

“The Road Superintendent of Butler County was amazed to see the results of a year-long side-by-side comparison of control no-fiber vs. ACE fiber reinforced asphalt,” said Collin.
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In the Details: Meticulous Preparation, Precise Dosing

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Special care is essential to successfully working with a lightweight fly-away-prone product like aramid.

asphaltWhen disbursing ACE Fibers into asphalt, exacting preparation, dosing and oversight work in harmony to ensure ease of use and an effective and long-lasting final product.

The three major components to our process are preparation, dosing, and a Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) program. Here’s a deeper look at these important components.
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Surface Tech Tradeshow Booth

Stop by Surface Tech Booth #2053 at APWA PWX for Chance to Win a Go Pro Hero

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Sign up for a pilot project using 100TE of ACE Fiber to see first-hand its process and benefits.  Doing so automatically enters you in the Go Pro drawing.
Surface Tech is putting ACE Fiber and our other signature asphalt additives in the spotlight at the APWA Public Works Expo (PWX) in Minneapolis, August 28-31, 2016. Visitors to our exhibit, Booth #2053, will be introduced to these innovative products and learn how ACE Fiber makes asphalt significantly stronger and longer lasting.
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The Story of Surface Tech; Leaders in Innovation

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SurfaceTech CEO Nick Slinde

Surface Tech CEO Nick Slinde has always been “hyper entrepreneurial.” When he saw the need to make roads and highways stronger, safer + longer lasting, he jumped at the opportunity to drive innovation in the category

I am often asked how a Portland business lawyer came to be the CEO of an asphalt additives company.

I began my career as an associate lawyer and eventually founded Slinde Nelson Stanford ( in early 2009.  The cornerstone of our firm was a desire to deconstruct the traditional style of legal service and create a deeper business relationship with each of our clients.
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Infrastructure: How to Solve the 40-Year Problem

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asphalt additives

“In addressing taxpayer concerns, there are new technologies that address achieving designed life expectancies of our roadways. Why aren’t we embracing these new innovations?” asks Surface Tech President, Steve Santa Cruz. Innovative additives, such as ACE Fiber, are proven to significantly boost life, performance and ultimately safety of roadways.

“Imagine if half of the roadways and interstates weren’t available to carry the traffic, goods, energy, and food we rely on. What happens to the economy and survival of this country?” asks Joe Dennis, Lead Engineer for BreakThrough Technologies. Interstates and roads connect our country’s people and commerce. The construction and maintenance of our roads is a critical issue – and at the very center of what Dennis calls the “40 year problem”.
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asphalt additives

How to Improve the Performance of your Next Asphalt Project

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The game changing additive proven to increase strength and performance of asphalt.

Transportation officials throughout the country are already experiencing the benefits from our innovative fiber additives. The game changing patent pending asphalt additives created by Surface Tech, and known as AQU and ACE Fibers, are proven to make asphalt roadways stronger, more crack and rut resistant and longer lasting.

Concurrently, private sector owners and contractors are also taking advantage of this innovation. AQU and ACE fibers are being used for projects tied to all other asphalt surface uses. These additives also can provide a surface reduction of the topcoat, in a value-engineered manner, to help allay costs and still reap the benefit of extended life.

Are you ready to increase the quality, efficiency and life span of your next asphalt project?

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