Ease of Mixing.

ACE’s superior delivery system ensures efficient and thorough distribution and mixing of the 19 million Aramid fibers that go into each ton of asphalt. When distributed and mixed, the Aramid fibers provide 3-D reinforcement and property enhancements throughout the entire asphalt mix and ultimately, the finished pavement or overlay.

ACE Fiber can easily be included in the asphalt mixing process at both batch and drum plant facilities. Drum and Batch plants are efficiently fed with ACE Fiber being added to the Rap collar or pug mill/weigh hopper respectively in proper weight to match the mixing speed.

ACE Fiber is measured in Ton Equivalents (TEs), which is based on the optimal fiber count of approximately 19 million fibers (2. 1 ounces aramid) per ton of asphalt mix. ACE Fiber doses at 4.2 ounces per TE; 2.1 ounces of wax binder completely dissipates in the mix, leaving the 2.1 ounces of Aramid delivered. The wax binder is excellent for controlling the Aramid effectively into any mix, delivering the intended dosing (2.1 ounces per TE).

With your ACE FIBER order,

a certified technician comes to your plant location to pre-con and perform the entire mixing process as part of our QA Program. This ensures the mix is accurate and dosed right. No cause for plant interruption, additional modifications, drum clean out, etc. And a daily report and project stamped-certification are delivered as well. A direct example of ease of adoption.