High strength with fewer cracks


Juno creates slabs that are stronger and more durable with less shrinkage (both drying and hydration) and increased bay sizes to minimize joints, than those constructed with conventional concrete. Higher compressive and flexural strengths are developed enabling a reduction in slab thickness providing an improved environmental profile.

High quality finishes can be achieved through power floating with the option to color and polish to enhance aesthetics.


  • High performance industrial floors
  • Parking garage decks
  • Bridge decks
  • Toppings and overlays
  • Ice arenas and swimming pools
  • Containment structures
  • Water treatment structures
  • Architectural concrete
  • Residential slabs

Superior Finish

  • Reduced cracking & curling
  • Improved appearance
  • Increased joint spacing possible

Cost Effective

  • No special placing or finishing required
  • Reduced call backs
  • Provides the opportunity to increase joint spacing resulting in reduced joint maintenance
  • Lower overall lifecycle costs

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