Concrete for all weather conditions

Quantus is specially designed to tolerate colder conditions than normal concrete. It also accelerates setting time, which provides early protection against freezing at subfreezing temperatures. Quantus is ideal for residential, commercial, industrial design professionals, owners and contractors by providing versatile concrete products for cold weather climates.


  • Well above industry standards for durability due to freezing and thawing (freeze-thaw resistance).
  • Superior for workability, pumpability, and placement.
  • Accelerates concrete setting times.
  • Improved concrete durability, cohesiveness and plasticity.
  • Superior workability with reduced segregation and bleeding.
  • Superior finishing characteristics for flatwork and cast surfaces.

Cold Weather Advantages

  • Permits placement of superior quality performance concrete in temperatures as low as 19°F.
  • Reduced or eliminated heating and protection time in cold weather.

Economic Benefits

  • Extends construction season further into the winter months.
  • Accelerated setting time leading to earlier finishing of slabs and lower labor costs for contractors.

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