Concrete for vertical surfaces

The advantage of Stacata to the shotcrete contactor is found in a reduction in material, greater speed and lower costs. Stacata’s unique mineralogy creates a technically superior solution.

Stacata can be applied in a uniformly thick layer to provide immediate reinforced ground support. It eliminates the need for mesh in tunnel linings, slope stabilization and retaining walls. The principal of ground support is to provide a structural membrane between rock bolts that can accept large movements, particularly underground, necessary for the reinforced ground to take the load.


  • Support of underground openings in tunnels, mines, and drainage areas
  • Rock slope stabilization and support of excavated foundations, often in conjunction with rock and soil anchor systems.
  • Channel linings, protection of bridge abutments and stabilization of debris-flow prone creeks.
  • Rehabilitation of deteriorated marine structures such as bulkheads, piers, sea walls and dry dock.
  • Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, chemical processing and handling plants.

Technical Benefits

  • The homogenous fiber reinforcement gives a resistance to tensile stresses at any point in the Shotcrete layer.
  • An increase of load bearing due to the redistribution of stresses.
  • The removal of mesh increases the bond of the Shotcrete to the surface.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent control of cracks.
  • Follows the ground contours to give constant thickness and reduced consumption.
  • Avoids “shadowing” or voids behind mesh.

Economic Benefits

  • Minimizes rebound losses
  • Reduced time (no mesh)
  • Increased safety.

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