Highly flowable concrete for flooring

A revolutionary new technology, Vesta is a self-consolidating concrete that is easily placed and significantly reduces construction time and cost, eliminating the need for vibration due to its fluid and stable properties. The product line is suitable for all types of commercial, residential, and institutional applications.

The complete range of Vesta Foundations, Blockfill, Horizontal, and Vertical products changes the way concrete construction is done while contributing to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification requirements.

Easy to Place

  • Reduces number of pouring points needed
  • Places more quickly than standard concrete
  • Flows easily through highly congested, heavily reinforced areas.


  • Assures consolidation without segregation
  • Attains level surface with minimal effort
  • Achieves a high-quality surface finish

No Vibration

  • Eliminates the need for vibration
  • Improves safety and working conditions

Jobsite Flexibility

  • Yields superior surface quality and reduced finishing work
  • Reduces effort and labor on site
  • Speeds up construction schedule

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